Here’s How to Take Action to Save Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

Thanks to so many of you who read yesterday’s blog and want to know how you go about taking action to let the Senate know your thoughts on preserving our real estate tax provisions which begins debate on July 26.

Below are the links to the 2 California Senators:  Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein.

Click on each, fill out the form for “Legislation Policy” and add your comments.  I have included an abbreviated version of my blog from yesterday.  Feel free to cut and paste!  Here it is:


On July 26, I urge you in include and preserve tax provisions that are critical toreal estate and to home ownership and investment…especially to California.

Specifically, please vote to 1) preserve the home mortgage interest deduction,

2) preserve deduction of property taxes, 3) preserve exclusion of capital gains on

principal residences, 4) make permanent the exclusion of income from discharge

of mortgage debt, 5) shorten depreciation periods for commercial and residential

properties, and 6) maintain deferral of gain on like-kind exchanges.

The Real Estate industry is crucial to a growing and prosperous economy and

country, and touches the lives of more Americans through ownership and employment
         than nearly any other industry.  Please do what it right in this crucial legislation!


1. Barbara Boxer:
2Dianne Feinstein


The Senate Finance Committee and the SubCommittee on Taxation are the real key players in the tax reform legislation.  You can look all of them up online, but here are the links to the 8 Senators (and Chairmen) who serve on both the Committee and SubCommittee:

1.  Mark Baucus, Chairman, Senate Finance Committee
2Michael Bennet, Chairman, SubCommittee on Finance

3.  Ron Wyden

4.  Charles Schumer

5.  Robert Menedez

6.  Thomas Carper

7.  Robert Casey

8.  Benjamin Cardin

Thanks for being interested in your financial and economic future…..and for letting your voice be heard!

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