If Not Now, When?

Read that phrase aloud a few times…”If not now, when?” It reminds me of a poem my grandmother would say:

“Mr. Meant-To had a friend. His name was Didn’t Do.
Have you ever chanced to meet them? Have they ever called on you?
These 2 fellows live together in the house of Never-Win,
And I’m told that it is haunted by the Ghost of Might-Have-Been”

We have clients who tell us they aren’t going to buy a home now because interest rates are going up …or they think they will go down again …or they will wait until prices decrease, or increase, or, or, or…there can be some many reasons. Our question back to prospective buyers has to be “If not now, when?” And “when is when” going to happen? How do you know when “when” has arrived?

We have clients who tell us they aren’t going to sell now because the housing inventory is so low they can’t buy the home they want if they sell. Or, they are going to wait until home prices go back to the place they were when their home had the greatest value. Or, or, or… Our question back is the same: “If not now, when?” “When is when” going to happen? How will you know?

Yes, interest rates have been lower……but that boat sailed. Yes, home prices were higher……but that boat is still out on some faraway sea. Yes, inventory is less than in the past… but we’ve never had a seller out on the street. There are solutions to every question, except the big one: “If not not, when?” We find that when most buyers and sellers will really think that one through, they conclude that the signs for continued growth in the economy, continued growth in housing, and continued positive outlook about life in general will combine to make them determine that the “time is now”.

And we as the McLean Team – Kathi, Bob, and Cris – are here to help you with the buying and selling of your next piece of real estate.

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