We love the Investor Buyers – You Should Too!

A major key to the recovery of the housing economy in the United States and definitely in California are the Investor Buyers. Some folks act as if Investors are vultures, sweeping in to grab up homes and beating out the owner-occupant buyers. However, a full 20% of buyers are investors and they buy 56% of the damaged REO properties that many owner- occupants would not have the funds to repair. The investors can do multiple deals and often prefer to buy and buy again in the same areas.

While some investors may fix up and do the quick turn of homes, increasingly the Investor Buyer is trusting real estate vs. the stock market. Thus, they are purchasing with the plan to hold onto the properties for years. In doing so, they are providing housing for renters and helping to create more stable neighborhoods while they are growing their owninvestment portfolio.

We are working more and more with investors and because our team members are Certified Investor Agent Specialists (CIAS), we have the knowledge and insight to best help the Investors purchase more and more properties.

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